• Amy Sherman

    Amy Sherman

    C21st Behaviour Explorer | Research & Design Consultant

  • Dominic Campbell

    Dominic Campbell

    CEO @FutureGov | Designing Public Services for the Digital Age

  • Tobi Nusser

    Tobi Nusser

    Graphic Designer living in Berlin / Creative Director at www.sp.design. Currently deep diving into UX/UI Design.

  • pressewand


  • Kimberley Crofts

    Kimberley Crofts

    Retired account of a service & strategic design. Check out @kimberleycrofts for more recent thinking

  • Carrie Bishop

    Carrie Bishop

    Chief Digital Services Officer for the City and County of San Francisco. Formerly @FutureGov

  • Dr. Joana Casaca Lemos

    Dr. Joana Casaca Lemos

    Design Research Consultant. Special Projects Only. www.joanacasacalemos.com

  • Jesse Korzan

    Jesse Korzan

    Canadian, #oceanfloors, Product Designer https://klue.com

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